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 Req Assistance with Futaba 9C Set-up for Scale Sa
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Posted - 03/15/2005 :  12:41:39 PM  Show Profile
This may not be about an ESL competition, but you guys are the wizards of the sailplane world. Someone must have some experience with this radio.

I have the original Futaba 9C, not the super.

I am setting up a Ventus 2C scale sailplane with a 4 servo wing. In addition to the usual channels I need tow release now. I am fine with the 8 FM channels that I have today. I want to plan for the addition of the Spoilers and Landing gear in the future.

Here is my initial channel set-up.

1 R Aileron
2 Elevator
3 throttle stick ( used to control landing mixes F/E or Crow)
4 Rudder
5 R Flap
6 L Flap
7 L Aileron
8 tow rel


8 spoilers two on one proportional channel
9 tow rel on/off (under PCM only)

landing gear ?????? - Where can I put the landing gear??????

I recently learned that the Hitec Flash 5SX, the Hitec Optic 6 and the Hitec Eclipse 7 can reassign channel 3 to a switch and take it off the throttle stick. This gives them the ability to use all channels and leave the throttle stick to control the landing mixes without tying up a channel.

On the Futaba 9C, can I take channel 3 off the throttle stick and assign channel 3 to a switch or slider to operate the tow release or landing gear? I only need an on/off type switch, not proportional control.

I can't find any specific reference to it in the manual but realize I might be looking in the wrong place or under the wrong function name. I am OK for today but need to know if I can do this in the future.


If I can not take channel 3 off the stick, let me take a different approach and see if this will work.

Remember I have the original Futaba 9C, not the super.

Under the new approach this would be my channel set-up.

1 R Aileron
2 Elevator

3 throttle stick -
Switch A up - Operate tow line release servo for launch.
Switch A down - flip switch a and now have crow control on the stick. See note below

4 Rudder
5 R Flap
6 L Flap
7 L Aileron
8 Spoilers
9 Landing Gear ( under PCM )

As an alternative to my original approach above, could I put the tow release on ch 3, on the stick for take-off. This would operate a servo that would control the tow line release.

After I release the tow line, I would flip switch A, which would turn the stick into the control for crow for landing. Would that work?

Switch A would become a flight mode switch at this point. Up for launch and down for landing.

Not my preferred approach, but it would be manageable and have some logic to it. Then I would put the landing gear on ch 9 under PCM and I would have all my functions.

Would this work?

Thanks for your help!

Ed Anderson
Long Island Silent Flyers

Best regards,
Ed Anderson
aeajr on the forums
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