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Posted - 10/26/2006 :  7:50:43 PM  Show Profile
OCTOBER 7, 2006

Submitted by Paul Bell, Secretary / Treasurer

The end of season meeting was held at the Daniel Boone field, Reading, PA on October 7, 2006. There were about 20 members in attendance

1.	The Treasurer’s report was submitted and accepted
a.	Opening balance as of January 1, 2006	5260.29
i.	Income:  Contestant Fees	+619.00
ii.	Expenses:  Awards	-333.00
iii.	Expenses:  Winch Line	-545.23
iv.	Expenses:  Winch Repairs	-91.66
b.	Balance as of October 5, 2006	4909.40
c.	Income Outstanding:  	LISF Hand Launch
			CASA Hand Launch
			Polecat Challenge Hand Launch
			LISF 2
d.	Expenses Outstanding:	Portajohn ($92.65)
			ESL EOS Sanction Fee ($40)
			Web Site Maintenance Fee
			ESL Shirt Logo Fee (~$50)
			EOS TD/HLG, and Season Awards

2. A proposed 2007 Schedule was submitted for review and after some minor modifications, the following is the agreed upon 2007 schedule:

May 5, 6 	BASS HLG (Tentative)
May 19, 20 	F3B, Tom Kiesling CD (Tentative)
June 2, 3 	IGLGF (Not ESL)
June 9, 10 	SKSS 1
June 16, 17 	Polecat Challenge HLG
June 23, 24	LISF 1 (John Hauff CD)
July 7, 8	DBSF
July 14, 15	CRRC HLG (Tentative)
July 20, 21	NATS (Estimated)
July 22, 28	
August 4, 5	LISF HLG
Aug 11, 12 	CRRC
Aug 18, 19 	CASA HLG  (Potential) 
Aug 25, 26 	SJSF 1 (Questionable)
Sep 8, 9 	CASA Open
Sep 15, 16 	SJSF HLG
Sep 22, 23	LISF 2 (Frank Strommer CD)
Oct 6, 7 	ESL EOS

3. Elections were held and Tony Guide was elected to be ESL President and David Beach will be the new ESL Secretary / Treasurer.

• The Newsletter Editor position was replaced with two new positions, Web Technical Editor and Web Content Editor. Jose Bruzual will continue to function as the Web Technical Editor and Ed Anderson volunteered to fill the new Content Editor position.
• Tom Kiesling continues as Contest Coordinator
• Jeff Steifel will continue as the Public Relations Coordinator.
• John Hauff volunteered for a new position as the Clinic Coordinator. (See below.)

4. There was a discussion regarding the Classing System for ESL contests. It was decided that the Novice Class would continue with the following modification: A novice flyer, after competing in a maximum of six (6) contests will be advanced to Sportflyer. Entry fees and awards will be at the discretion of the Contest Director. Novice scoring will not be included in the overall scoring for the ESL, but the scores will be posted for information

The requirement to advance from Sportflyer to Expert was changed to read: “After twenty four (24) points have been accumulated, the Sportflyer will be advanced to the Expert Class”. The two-year window to achieve twenty-four points was eliminated.

5. There was a discussion regarding the initiatives instituted after the 2005 ESL EOS meeting. It was concluded that the clinics need more work and effort in the subjects related to thermal duration flying. It was suggested that clinics continue at the club level. John Hauff volunteered to be the Clinic Coordinator. John will organize volunteers to sponsor, run or participate as the clinic focal point at each ESL contest. It was suggested that visiting flyers (not workers at the hosting contest) run the clinics.

There was also a discussion of LSF compatible flight tasks. Some pilots would appreciate the opportunity to fly tasks that satisfy LSF Level criteria (such as 15 minute thermal duration) and have the CD sign off the accomplishment on the LSF form. This could encourage more pilots to attend the competition. It was decided that this is at the discretion of the CD.

6. Representatives of the Daniel Boone Silent Flyers stated that they intend to continue as a club (see dbsf.org) and will continue to sponsor an ESL contest at the Daniel Boone site (see calendar.) The ESL EOS contest will also continue to be held at the Daniel Boone site. Steve Lucke volunteered to assist in the organization of the DBSF and ESL EOS contests by assuring that the launching and support equipment were available, set up and operating. (Go Steve!!)

7. Phil Barnes will continue to maintain the ESL winches and associated equipment. It was noted that traditionally, IT HAS BEEN THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CD OF A CONTEST TO ASSURE THAT THE EQUIPMENT IS AVAILABLE FOR HIS CONTEST. He may use whatever means are at his disposal to accomplish that task.

It was also noted that the CD, after completing his contests, MUST REVIEW THE CONDITION OF THE EQUIPMENT (a log book was suggested as means of monitoring these data) and MUST MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO GET ANY DAMAGED WINCH TO PHIL BARNES (or any qualified repair man) for immediate repair. A checklist is available on the ESL website for assistance.

8. Lost and missing ESL equipment was discussed. It was concluded that we have all the winches, batteries, turnarounds, cables, spikes and so on. Several ESL chargers and the ESL hammer are missing and should be returned to Phil Barnes.

9. A proposal by Mike Lachowski to replace the ESL chargers with the ACI Super Charger was discussed. It was decided not to do this at this time.

10. Ed Anderson volunteered to make ESL shirts in various styles, complete with logo, available. These shirts will be available through a link on the ESL website. Funding up to $50 for the ESL logo was approved.
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