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Posted - 08/25/2009 :  09:28:53 AM  Show Profile
Eastern Soaring League Newsletter – July-August 2009

President – Ed Anderson
Secretary/Treasurer – David Beach
Scorekeeper – Luis Bustamante & Anker Berg-Sonne
Contest Coordinator - Jose Bruzual
Web Master and Publisher – Jose Bruzual
Quartermaster – Steve Lucke
Newsletter Editor – Ed Anderson
ESL Historian - Anker Berg
Hand Launch Director – Doug Harnish


How to grow the League? How to promote soaring as a hobby and a sport?

These are questions that are often on my mind as President of the ESL as well as President of my home club, the Long Island Silent Flyers. How do I help bring the fun of soaring to people who have never tried it? How do I show them that competition soaring is not about cutthroat competition but about fun, learning, and camaraderie just as much as it is about winning?

One of the tools that we can all use is the ESL Novice program. The purpose of the Novice program is to invite new soaring pilots to give us a try. Think of it as a free trial or a test ride at no cost. Think of that last TV offer you saw where it looked interesting, but you just weren’t sure. Then they said, “it includes a 30 day in free home trial, no risk”. That may have been enough to get you to give their product a try.

That is exactly what we are doing with the Novice program. We are trying to attract people to our TD or HLG programs who might be hesitant to try competition soaring. We are providing a FREE trial introduction to the Eastern Soaring League. We are confident that once they meet the ESL pilots they will find a friendly, welcoming group of pilots who only want to help them advance their skills. They will come back as Sportsman or as Expert pilots. But the program can not be effective unless it has your support.

CDs, I urge you to include Novice in all the ESL contests at your club. I encourage you to make Novice registration free. There is something magic about FREE. When it costs $30-$40 to fly in a two day ESL contest, and a Novice pilot can fly FREE, that may be just enough incentive to get a newbie pilot to come out and give it a try. Or it may encourage an experienced pilot who has not flown competition to give the ESL a try. On several occasions I have seen pilots fly Novice on Saturday, then shift to Sportsman on Sunday. The free trial worked and now they are fully bought in. That is good for them and it is good for us.

Remember that Novice does not mean that the pilot is inexperienced, only that they have not experienced the ESL. We give them up to 6 contest days to get to know us. After 6, the will either gladly move up to Sportsman and pay the fees, or they will drop out because they just don’t find this fun.

If you include lunch with your regular Sportsman and Expert registration fees, then feel free to charge the Novices. A statement like, “lunch is included with your paid registration fee” makes it clear who gets lunch and who has to pay for it.

“What about awards? Those mugs and plaques cost money!”

A novice pilot does not have to receive the same kind of award as the Sportsman and Experts. My suggestion is that you provide a printed certificate, perhaps in a $1 frame. After all, you don’t know if you will get any Novice registrations, so why would you want to spend a lot of money for awards that may not be used.

Image Insert:

37.87 KB

Award formats are available in Microsoft Works, Word, Printmaster, Print Shop and many other programs. This one was done in Printmaster. If you don’t have someone in your club who can do this, let me know and I will make them up and e-mail the files to you so you can print them. This is inexpensive, yet it almost guarantees that every Novice goes home with an award.

Sportsman and Expert pilots, every one of you knows at least one relatively new pilot who has shown the ability to manage their plane in the air and to land safely. Invite them to register Novice at an ESL contest at your home field. Offer to help them prepare, because that is one of the biggest fears of competition flying, they don’t feel prepared.

It doesn’t matter that they are flying an Easy Glider or a Gentle Lady. My first contest was with a Sagitta 600 and a Spirit. I had a wonderful time. Offer to launch their plane for them. Introduce them to other members of the league. Meeting people from outside the club may be one of the biggest benefits of flying in ESL contests. For me this was a huge kick. I now knew soaring pilots from other clubs. It drew me further into the hobby and the sport.

If you feel you don’t want to bother other pilots with your newbie, I invite you to bring them to me. I will gladly accept introductions to all Novices pilots. I will gladly time for them, launch their plane and help them improve their soaring skills. And they can time for me. I know, from personal experience, that there are lots of pilots at these contests who would be happy to do the same. So, help them make friends that they would otherwise not have made. THAT is what will likely get them thinking of attending away contests.

At LISF we promote the Novice program heavily, and with good results both in TD and HLG. Many of our new pilots come into the ESL through the Novice program and are now flying Sportsman.

In conclusion, if you are the CD, I ask you to include Novice in your class line-up. If you are an active ESL pilot, I ask you to invite that newbie to register for the next ESL contest at your field. You will help a friend while you help the ESL in its mission to promote soaring and more specifically, competitive soaring.

Clear Skies and Safe Flying!

THE ESL CALENDAR – Remaining Contests


09/12 - 09/13 SKSS Hand Launch (HLG) - Newark, DE
09/25 - 09/27 East Coast HLG Festival (HLG) - Wilson, NC
10/17 - 10/18 SJSF: ESL HLG EOS (HLG) - Hagerstown, MD
Note the changed location!


09/12 - 09/13 CASA Open - Warrenton, VA
09/19 - 09/20 LISF 2 - Syosset, Long Island, NY
10/03 - 10/04 Reading ESL TD EOS - Reading, PA


John Jenks and Doug Harnesh have worked out a change in location for the HLG end of season contest. It will be moving from NJ to MD.

As you may recall, in the past there has not been an “end of season” HLG contest where the needs of the HLG community would be the main focus of the ESL meeting. The EOS contest and ESL meeting has been held at the last TD contest of the year. And, while HLG was discussed, it was felt that HLG needed its own EOS event and ESL meeting to set the HLG agenda for the coming year.

So let’s see a big turnout for the contest so we can get as much input as possible from the HLG community. I hope to see you there.

CONTEST REPORT - 36th Annual CRRC Soar-In
Submitted by John Nilsson and Anker Berg-Sonne

As you may remember from previous reports, CRRC has developed a dolly system for retrieving winch lines at the Soar-In, our annual Thermal Duration ESL contest. The weekend before the contest we thoroughly tested the system, and it worked flawlessly. The dolly is pulled back to the winch line by a normal FLS winch and returned to the turn-around trolls with a specially built winch with a variable speed control.

With the mechanics fully tested, our next worry was the weather. This being New England, a long range forecast is about as accurate as flipping a coin. As we got closer, the forecast for Friday settled down to increasing breezes out of the North, veering to the West, with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Sunday looked a bit bleaker with winds out of the South and a good chance of rain.

Pre-registrations were strong with a total of 38 pilots pre-registered. Pete Schitzkus takes the prize for having traveled the farthest from the Delaware peninsula.

Saturday morning the forecast was right on. A breeze out of the North, our signature direction. This forces us to set up for downwind launches, but with the breezes light until they veered to the West we would be OK.

The CD, Anker Berg-Sonne, called for an 8-minute task for the first round. This round was plagued by line breaks and line pile-ups on the winches. When a group was launched successfully, the lift was found to be reasonable with about half the expert flyers making the task time. Unfortunately, the round took over 1.5 hours to complete. The second round, with a 10-minute task time, didn’t go much better, and at lunch time we barely managed to complete two rounds.

The afternoon went much smoother, and we were able to fly 5 more rounds before wrapping up just before 5PM. We were helped by the weather, which turned out much better than forecast. The winds abated, the sun shone and the thermals boomed.

The final results were: In sportsman Mike Lavelle took third place, Jim Otis from CRRC, took second and Dave Wood took first. In expert Leszek Zyga from LISF took third, Jose Bruzual, the CRRC pilot lost to Upstate New York, took second, and our own Dave Walter took first.
David Beach managed to pull his 2.4 GHZ antenna out of his transmitter during flight and reduce his Ava to pieces no bigger than a dinner tray. He did well the rest of the weekend with a piece of V-tail Euro-trash.

Sunday we were hopeful we could put the equipment problems behind us. The wind was forecast to be out of the South, straight up the winch lines, with a chance of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Unfortunately this was not the case. All through the day we had a large number of line breaks. Many caused by overly aggressive launching, some unexplainable. By noon we had 3 rounds in, a tad better than Saturday. After lunch the lift became non-existent for mere mortals and the scores spread out. Yours truly (Anker) had been in first place all morning, but was put into his place by Dave Walter who did some masterful light air flying.

The fourth round took a very long time because of numerous line breaks. The same was happening in the fifth round, and at 2:20PM the CD, John Nilsson, decided to cancel the fifth round in order to get the out of state flyers on the road back home.

The final results for the day were: Sportsman – Ed Anderson from LISF in third place, Jeff Newcum in second place again and Jim Otis in first place.

Jim had done some very plucky down wind flying in the third round and had thoroughly earned his first place. In expert Steve Lucke from New Jersey took third place, Leszek Zyga from LISF took second place and our own Dave Walter took first place. The weekend champion was easy to figure since Dave took first both days and earned the monster crystal mug.

We could not hold these contests without support from a large number of selfless non-flying volunteers. Thank you to all of you.

Before next year’s Soar-In we plan to explore ways to reduce the equipment problem issues. Unfortunately heavier line may be one of the options we will have to choose. It impacts the contest less when a plane breaks than if a line breaks.

John Nilsson and Anker Berg-Sonne


I just posted information for a $55 motel available for the EOS contest in PA. A special rate has been arranged for ESL. Just call and ask for the ESL rate or mention Ed Anderson of the Eastern Soaring League. http://www.flyesl.org/forums/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=17

If you have a local motel near your ESL contest, why not stop by and check them out. Many offer good value but don’t have the chain backing. And since they are usually small, they may be willing to offer us a special rate to attract business. If you find one, post it in the forums so ESL members can take advantage of a good room at a good price. And send me a notice so I can include it in the newsletter.


David Beach is planning to organize an LFS goal and return course at the ESL EOS contest to help LSF Level III and IV pilot accomplish their 1K and 2K goal and return requirements. If you are interested in participating, contact David Beach. dbeach@seldensoft.com


RC Soaring Digest is a must read for anyone who loves soaring. Bill & Bunny Kuhlman do a terrific job of publishing it each month for our enjoyment. RC Soaring Digest is free. All you have to do is download the file. And consider making a donation to help support the magazine.


Free F3b lessons and cash rebates too!

From: <mike@lachowski.com>
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 9:23 PM
Subject: For Sale

Ceres $1900 F3b model, Yellow and Red F3b layup, carbon fuselage.
Excellent condition with all JR servos. Come with F3b practice sessions
and training in NJ. $100 cash rebate for ESL pilots if you fly F3b at
Nats next year and have never flown F3b before.

Tool $1550 F3b model, Red and White. Excellent condition used in last
F3b team selections. Comes with F3b practice sessions and training in
NJ. $100 cash rebate for ESL pilots if you fly F3b at Nats next year
and have never flown F3b before.

"20K" F3b model. Looks like a Supra but it isn't. White and Blue.
This was number 2 from my molds. Flown in a few F3b team selections and
the occasional windy TD contest. 80 oz. $750. Good TD model when it's
windy. This is what I have been flying until last year. Some day I'll
build another light one for TD. More fun to fly than a Supra. Also
great to learn F3b.

1:3 Scale Bruckmann Salto $1300. Stiff wings, fly with or without tip extensions.

Flight Line Systems sport winch, $50. Nice, compact winch for practice.

TD models from the 1990's, Obechi over foam, carbon spar, SD8000. I have
two original design models with Airtronics 94141 servos in them to a
good home, $60 each.

Alpha 4 chargers/cyclers, One with AC adapter, $135, and one without AC
adapter, $100.

ACI SuperCharger 1206CC, $40 each, Two available. I picked up some new
chargers that would also work on 220V and 50/60Hz, so now I have too
many chargers.

Contact Mike Lachowski, mike@lachowski.com

Sailplane Workshop 2009 - AMA Class C Sanction #09-0218

The Orange County Silent Flyers of Pine Island, NY AMA Club #2481, will host a one day “Sailplane Workshop” on Saturday, October 10, 2009. Our flying site is located in Orange County, NY and is a huge “World Class” sod farm.

The workshop will be limited to 35 AMA licensed pilots. Registration is on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. Our club must respect the wishes of the land owner as to the number of people walking on the sod. Therefore only registered pilots may attend. No spectators will be allowed on the field. Registered pilots may “not” bring a guest with them to the field. We do not want to lose our privilege of flying at this location.

We are encouraging anyone who wishes to take their pilot skills to the next level to attend. Experienced pilots will be available to work with novice pilots in all aspects of soaring flight. Experienced pilots will have the opportunity to fly and chat with a “National Champion” and expert ESL (Eastern Soaring League) pilots.

The landing fee is $30.00, non refundable. There will be one pilot per frequency including 2.4 GHz. to avoid frequency conflicts. The fee would include donuts, coffee and lunch at the field. The event would run from 8am to 4pm. Pilots may continue flying at the field after 4pm.


Mike Lachowski (ML) of NJ, 2008 NATS Soaring winner in RES and Unlimited Sailplane, ESL Expert Pilot and member of the 2009 USA F3B team.

Steve Lucke (SL) – Expert ESL Pilot and a member of the North Jersey Soaring Society

Workshop Topics:

#61656; CG (Center of Gravity) – what it means and how it affects flight – ML

#61656; Reading the Air – Where to find the thermals – SL

#61656; Thermaling Techniques and Search Patterns – SL

#61656; F3B and F3J – introduction - ML

#61656; Winch, Zoom and Hi Start Techniques – for Novice Pilots, “Woodies” and RES – EA

#61656; Winch and Zoom Techniques for Unlimited planes – ML & SL

#61656; Landing Techniques – RES and Unlimited – ML & SL
#61656; RES and ‘Woodie” plane setups – EA

#61656; Unlimited Plane setups – ML and SL

#61656; LSF “Soaring Accomplishments Program” – BC (Aspirant forms will be available at the field).

The workshop format includes a 20 minute seminar with a 10 minute period for Q & A.

It is possible that certain seminars would be conducted simultaneously.

All 3 of the presenters will conduct demo flights and describe what they are doing in real time.

After the seminars the field would be open for flying. Each pilot must team up with another pilot and time/spot for him and flights will be limited to 5 – 10 minutes at the discretion of the Contest Director. 2 - 25 foot diameter “Landing Zones” will be provided.

Workshop presentations and demo flights will be conducted in the morning. The flight line will be open to all pilots following lunch.

Three winches and retrievers will be available at the field as well as hi starts.

Pilots are encouraged to bring an EZ-UP (if you have one), chair, bottled water and all your “flying stuff.” If you look on “Google Earth” and put in “Transport Lane” Pine Island, NY (37 25’ 19.1”N 122 05’ 06”W) you will get a feel for the size of the field. The field is approximately 65 miles west of New York City.

The following motels are within 15 minutes driving time of the field:

Comfort Inn
2247 Greenville Tpke. And SR 23
Port Jervis, NY 12771

High Point Country Inn
1328 State Route 23 North
Wantage, NJ 07461

For registration information, please go our web site, www.orangecountysilentflyers.org or contact me. Registration is open at this time.

Bob Crane – CD AMA 7667 avapilot@gmail.com
484-225-6720 – Cell #
Wayne, NJ 07470


www.modelaircraft.org/events/nats/natsnews.aspx" target="_blank">http://www.modelaircraft.org/events/nats/natsnews.aspx

NATs Results
www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1082454" target="_blank">http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1082454

JR XP9303 Sailplane Setup Addendum by Joe Wurts
www.jrradios.com/Articles/Ar...?ArticleID=1432" target="_blank">http://www.jrradios.com/Articles/Ar...?ArticleID=1432

All of the JR How-To articles including Sherman Knight's article that Joe Wurts refers to in his article.
www.jrradios.com/Search/Arti...How-Tos&CatID=R" target="_blank">http://www.jrradios.com/Search/Arti...How-Tos&CatID=R

www.rcmplans.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4&zenid=961th8ap5de7hn0h9d5eb3fp9l8r8vaj" target="_blank">http://www.rcmplans.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4&zenid=961th8ap5de7hn0h9d5eb3fp9l8r8vaj

www.thistothat.com/" target="_blank">http://www.thistothat.com/
www.glue-it.com/" target="_blank">http://www.glue-it.com/

TRIM TIPS - Adding trim detail on monokote using Windex
www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=12715421&postcount=5769" target="_blank">http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=12715421&postcount=5769

Check out Mr. Kite. I just received mine

Give it a moment. There is a commercial that comes on first. When the video starts the sound is weak but improves after about 30 seconds. It is worth the wait.
www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=6481" target="_blank">http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=6481


I hope you have enjoyed the ESL Newsletter. The format is simple but hopefully the content is worthwhile. If you have ideas or input for the next Newsletter, please feel free to let me know.

Perhaps you have a quick tip to share. These little gems can make a big difference in competition. Why not pass them on. Extended length articles are always welcome and I would love to include your photos.

Send your notes, photos, compliments or complaints to Ed Anderson, ESL Newsletter Editor, at aeajr@optonline.net

Best regards,
Ed Anderson
Long Island Silent Flyers

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One more item for sale, I have a 2M Lumina, SD7032 airfoil. $100 with servos
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