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Posted - 10/27/2009 :  08:48:16 AM  Show Profile
October 3rd, 2009

The annual meeting of the Eastern Soaring League was called to order by President Ed Anderson on October 3rd, 2009 at the Daniel Boone Homestead field in Birdsboro, PA. Approximately 40 members were in attendance.

Welcome - Ed started by thanking everyone involved for a terrific 2009 season. Both the number of contests and the number of pilots attending have increased this season due to the volunteer efforts of a majority of league members.

Ed summarized a report provided by Luis Bustamante that reported the trend for our TD contest registrations. In terms of total pilot registrations, the ESL had been on a steep decline from 2000 to 2005 but a turn around has occurred and we have been on an upswing over the past 4 years.

Officer and Staff Reports

Secretary’s report – A motion was made to accept the 2008 minutes as published on the ESL web site. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s report by David Beach – An estimated calendar year summary was presented as follows:
Actual Starting Balance: $5,092.01
Expenses: $2,209.97
Income: $3,200.12
Net change: $990.15 surplus
Final Balance: $6,082.16

It was noted that the single biggest factor in the surplus was the success of the two ‘ESL run’ contests this year. In the previous two years the League had run at a deficit.

Scorekeeper’s report by Luis Bustamante – Luis thanked all the CD’s and scorekeepers for prompt reporting of scores this year. Luis also reported that there an investigation was underway to see if the ELS scoring program needed updating. Ed asked if it could be enhanced to record up to 10 round from the current 8. Luis said there was a way to make that work with the current software but some enhancement might be beneficial.

Quartermaster’s report by Steve Lucke – A request was made for someone to investigate the repair of the ‘ESL Pole’, Pete Schlitzkus offered to take care of it. Steve reported that the batteries are OK. Some off season work will be done on the turnarounds to prevent line snags. Additional line will need to be purchased for 2010, and Steve suggested the need for a Public Address system. Further discussion on the PA system was deferred until after the staff reports.

Winchmaster’s report by Tony Guide – Two replacement armatures were used this year. All the winches will be inspected and repaired during the off season. Additional armatures, brushes, insulators will be purchased as needed. The possibility of purchasing a fifth winch was discussed. Several options were brought up, Ed requested someone investigate potential options and make a recommendation. Tony Guide agreed to do the investigation, but welcomed input from other members who might have information on other sources of parts and/or motors.

Contest coordinator’s report by Jose Bruzual – The proposed 2010 contest calendar is as follows:
Dates Contest

May 1/2 BASS (DLG)
May 8/6 Mother's Day weekend
May 15/16 Open to (DLG)
May 22/23 TMSS
May 29/30 Memorial Day weekend

June 5/6 ** Open ** (DLG)
June 12/13 SKSS
June 19/20 PoleCat (DLG)
June 26/27 LISF 1

July 3/4 Independence Day
July 10/11 DBSF
July 17/18 CRRC (DLG)
July 24/25 > NATS

> August 1 NATS
August 7/8 LISF (DLG) (updated 11/03/09 JB)
August 14/15 CRRC Soar-In
August 21/22 CASA (DLG)
August 28/29 ESL Mid Season

Sept. 4/5 Labor Day Weekend
Sept. 11/12 CASA
Sept. 18/19 SKSS (DLG)
Sept. 25/26 LISF 2

Oct. 2/3 East Cost Fest. (DLG)
Oct. 9/10 ESL EOS DBSF
Oct. 16/17 ESL EOS (DLG)

There was discussion of a potential contest at LASS. The only available dates would be in April. The LASS representative indicated that LASS would want the ESL to run the contest if it were held at the LASS field.

HLG director’s report by Doug Harnish – Doug introduced himself and took the opportunity to thank everyone involved for a success 2009 season.

There was some discussion about Polecat and whether that contest should continue to be on the ESL calendar. Doug will raise this at the EOS hand launch contest, including a discussion about how registration and score reporting should be handled.

General recognition was given to the fact that the ESL is a league with two equally important divisions. Many of the pilots in attendance at the meeting fly in both divisions.

Doug reminded everyone that the EOS HLG contest would be held in two weeks in Hagerstown, MD. He was expecting a good turnout.

Newsletter Editor’s report by Ed Anderson – Ed appealed to the group for feedback and content contribution for the ESL newsletter. Those in attendance thanked Ed for his work with a round of applause.

Ed also opened an invitation to anyone who would like to help with the Newsletter and opened the door for someone else to take it next year if they are interested.

ESL Historian Report – No activity has occurred in the last year toward developing a history of the ESL.

Open Discussion

Handlaunch Advancement – There was discussion regarding rules for handlaunch advancement. A motion was made and carried to have the rules discussed and defined at the handlaunch end of season meeting in two weeks.

Combined Award – Ed Anderson suggested the league recognize the top flyer in combined TD and HLG contests. The notion of an ESL Soar-Meister award was approved, further details are pending. The motion included authorization for the officers to determine the qualifications for this award.

Contest Rules – Standardization of contest rules was discussed. A recommendation was made to adopt an ESL standard of adding landing points as a bonus (post-normalization). Landing tapes were discussed with the conclusion that the landing task is at the discretion of the CD. It was also noted that AMA rules are to be followed with any deviations to be announced prior to the start of the contest.

Novice Program – All ESL CD’s are encouraged to promote novice participation. Novices are not charged registration fees, do not have their scores listed on the website, and generally receive only certificate awards.

Ed emphasized that the Novice program is designed as an introduction to the League and is not in any way a statement about the qualifications of the pilot. An ESL Novice is new to the ESL, not necessarily to RC Soaring. He also made reference to the article on the ESL web site that discusses the Expert and Sportsman classes as well as the Novice Program.

TD Advancement to Expert – Recognition was given to the TD Sportsman pilots who had accumulated 20 or more advancement points. These pilots will be moving up to Expert for the 2010 Season. The advancing Pilots are Dave Wood, Stuart Strong, George Hill, Dan Siegel, and Jeff Newcum.

Public Address System – Discussion on the need for an ESL PA system took place. A motion was made to authorize a budget of up to $500. The motion carried.

Adjournment – A motion to adjourn was made and approved.


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Posted - 11/03/2009 :  2:26:19 PM  Show Profile
Calendar: August 7th and 8th has been updated from "Open date" to LISF HL - they are able to host their contest on this date
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Posted - 01/25/2010 :  11:17:45 AM  Show Profile
Contest date update

May 1/2 BASS (DLG) has been moved to June 5th and 6th
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Posted - 01/26/2010 :  09:51:43 AM  Show Profile
CASA HL is being reschedule due to a conflict for the CD Phil Barnes, as soon as this is resolved the contest will be posted in the ELS calendar
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Posted - 01/26/2010 :  09:58:47 AM  Show Profile
TMSS will not host an ESL event this year. the Hampton Roads Silent Flyers (HRSF) will be hosting that event. Same contact information; Josh Glaab - Once some details are worked out the information will be posted to the ESL website
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Posted - 06/26/2013 :  08:41:02 AM  Show Profile
Luis said there was a way to make that work with the current software but some enhancement might be beneficial uis also reported that there an investigation was underway to see if the ELS scoring program needed updating. Ed asked if it could be enhanced to record up from the current 8.

"ONe Day I will be Part of your World.")
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