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Posted - 10/20/2010 :  12:21:52 PM  Show Profile
Eastern Soaring League Minutes
October 9th, 2010

The annual meeting of the Eastern Soaring League was called to order at 4:00
PM by President Ed Anderson on October 9th, 2010 at the Daniel Boone
Homestead in Birdsboro, PA. Approximately 35 members were in attendance.

Ed started by thanking everyone involved for a great 2010 season. He noted that
unfortunately contest participation was down significantly from last year.
Participation in Thermal Duration contests was down about 25%, while the Hand
Launch division registrations were down almost 40%. A lot of the Hand Launch
decrease was attributed to fact that the Polecat contest was not held, and the
North Carolina F3K Team USA selection meet was not an ESL contest due to
scheduling conflicts.

Officer and Staff Reports

Secretary’s report - A motion was made to accept the 2009 minutes as published
on the ESL web site. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s report by David Beach - An estimated calendar year summary was presented as follows:

Actual Starting Balance: $5,547.31
Expenses: $3,089.44
Income: $2,851.75
Final Balance: $5,309.62
Net change: -$273.69

Summary of major items by category:
Sanction Fees:
TD 716
HLG 186
ESL (Non-club) TD Contests:
Mid 661 (actual net)
EOS 800 (est. net)
Overall awards
TD 242 (est.)
HLG 242 (est.)
PA System 541 (includes cost of return shipping of Doug’s PA used at
2009 EOS)

Web Site 415 (includes cost of 5-year domain name registration)
Winch maint. 1152 **

** This does not include the 2009 expense of $712 for the 2010 season. If
included the total for winch maintenance for 2010 would be $1864.
A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded, and passed.

Scorekeeper’s report by Luis Bustamante – Special thanks were given to the
scoring volunteers for all contests, in particular Vera, JoAnn, Donna, and Dawn.
Luis also thanked David Beach for his development of new scoring software
which has been used with success in running seeded man-on-man events. One
of Luis’s goals for 2011 is to provide more detailed scoring information on the
ESL website following each contest.

Quartermaster’s report by Steve Lucke – Thanks were given by Steve to
everyone involved in transportation and maintenance of the ESL launch
equipment. The launch batteries are holding up well and should support the
2011 contest season. We expect to end the season with eight rolls of unused
winch line, and more will be ordered before next season. David Beach
suggested the use of quick-connect battery plugs on ESL winches and will
investigate their possible use.

Winchmaster’s report by Tony Guide – Tony mentioned the significant upkeep
required of the winches this year. A suggestion was made to standardize the
drums on all ESL winches.

Webmaster’s report by Anker Berg-Sonne – Anker explained that Jose was
unable to attend but Jose had provided him with the following information.
Comments regarding the ESL website should be emailed directly to Jose rather
than discussed on RCGroups. Jose is aware that the help link on the website is
not working and will be resolved soon. It was also mentioned that ESL members
needing access to the ESL Mailing List (talk@flyesl.org) contact Jose directly.
Members requesting access to the ESL Forums should also contact Jose.
Contest Coordinator’s report by Anker Berg-Sonne – Anker presented the
following proposed schedule for 2011 which he received from Jose.

May     21/22   HRSF/BRASS		(TD)
May     28/29   Memorial weekend	(30th actual holiday)
Jun     04/08   BASS			(HL)
Jun     11/12   SKSS			(TD)
Jun     18/19   available		(Father’s day)
Jun     25/26   LISF I			(TD)
Jul     02/03   4th of July		4th actual holiday)
Jul     09/10   CRRC-HL			(HL)
Jul     10/11   AMA			(Nos & RES)
Jul     12/13   AMA			(2M TD)
Jul     14/15   AMA			(Unli. TD)
Jul     16/17   AMA			(F3J & F3K)
Jul     23/24   DBSF			(TD) – tentative check with Steve Lucke
Jul     30/31   LISF-HL			(HL)
Aug     13/14   CRRC			(TD)
Aug     20/21   CASA-HL			(HL)
Aug     27/28   ESL Mid-S		(TD)
Sep     03/04   Labor Day W		(5th actual holiday)
Sep     10/11   CASA			(TD)
Sep     17/18   available                      
Sep     24/25   LISF II			(TD)
Oct     01/02   SKSS			(HL)
Oct     08/09   EOS TD			(TD) 10th Columbus day
Oct     15/16   EOS HL			(HL)

** The schedule above was presented at the EOS meting and it is subject to change, 
if you are a CD and have any questions please contact 
the Contest Coordinator: jebnetx (at) hotmail (dot) com

The changes discussed were to move the May 21/22 contest one week earlier to
May 14/15, and tentatively move the CRRC HL contest from Jul 9/10 to Jun
18/19. We may cancel the CRRC HL contest due to lack of a CD/organizer.

HLG Director’s Report by Doug Harnish – Doug spoke to the group regarding the
decline in ESL Hand Launch contest participation this year. Polecat was a
historically large contest, but was not held this year. Also, the F3K Qualifying
contest in Wilson, NC was not an ESL contest due to a schedule conflict. Doug
hoped that the rule changes he would be proposing later in the meeting would
increase ESL Hand Launch participation next year. He also encouraged
everyone present to attend the Hand Launch End-Of-Season contest in
Hagerstown, MD next weekend.

Newsletter Editor’s Report by Ed Anderson – Ed encouraged all ESL members to
consider contributing to the newsletter. A suggestion was made from the floor to
have the newsletter published in PDF format.

ESL Historian’s Report by Anker Berg-Sonne. Anker reported that no significant
progress has been made on documenting the history of the ESL. He offered to
step down as historian, but was encouraged not to give up.
Nomination and Election of Officers and Staff for 2010

A nomination for Ed Anderson was received, accepted, and seconded.
A nomination for Josh Glaab was received, accepted, and seconded.
Following Josh’s nomination, Ed Anderson withdrew.
Josh Glaab was elected via a show of hands.

The remaining positions were unopposed and re-elected via voice vote:

Secretary-Treasurer	              David Beach
Score Keeper	                      Luis Bustamante/Anker Berg-Sonne
Contest Coordinator/Web publisher     Jose E. Bruzual
HLG director	                      Douglas L. Harnish
Quartermaster	                      Steve Lucky
Newsletter Editor                     Ed Anderson
ESL Historian                         Anker Berg-Sonne

Proposals from the floor:

Doug Harnish proposed a motion to amend the rules to eliminate restrictions on
having HL and TD contests on the same weekend. This motion will also
propose to eliminate and requirements for skipped weekends in the calendar
other to avoid conflict with the NATS or other major events, as determined by the
board. The effect will be to greatly increase the number of available dates when
HL and TD contests can be scheduled. Following discussion, the proposal was
accepted by a show of hands.

Doug Harnish proposed a motion to expand the operating area of ESL Hand
Launched division to include all states East of the Mississippi. Again this will give
opportunity for growth of the organization to serve more clubs and pilots. The TD
area is not included in this motion. Following discussion, the proposal was
accepted by a show of hands.

Ed Anderson made the following proposal which was discussed and accepted by a show of hands:

Motion to reorganize the Eastern Soaring League End of Season Meeting
to recognize that the ESL operates in three parts

  • Overall League Management

  • Hand Launch Division

  • Thermal Duration Division

By reorganizing the meeting we gain flexibility for each portion of the
League to recognize problems and opportunities and take action on those
that are specific to that part of the League.

1) ESL League End of Season Meeting and Reports - Concerned with
topics and issues common to both divisions including League goals and
objectives, League strategy, overall finances, contest calendar,
participation reports and overall League operations including the election
of League officers. These reports and topics should be included as part of
the division meetings so that the divisions are fully informed.

2) TD End of Season Division Meeting - Concerned with topics that are
specific to the TD division including revenues and expenses related to the
TD division, rules and related topics and the election of a TD Division

3) HL End of Season Division Meeting - Concerned with topics that are
specific to the HL division including revenues and expenses related to HL,
rules and related topics including the election of a HL Division Director.
These three meetings can occur together or separately as time and
opportunity dictate. Any conflicts or opportunities that cross divisions will
be brought to the League Officers for resolution or action.

Another suggestion from the floor was to encourage CD’s to include anticipated
time boundaries for their contests when listing them on the ESL registration
system. (In particular the request was to note items such as “no new round will
be started after 2PM on Sunday).

The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 PM.


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Posted - 11/09/2010 :  10:49:36 AM  Show Profile
Contest Update: 11/09/2010
HRSF/BRASS contest to 5/14 and 5/15
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Posted - 01/01/2011 :  12:04:33 PM  Show Profile
The fallowing thread has been started to manage this year’s HL schedule to accommodate for their new changes in schedule. To better coordinate, CDs please fallow this thread and contact me to finalize your contest date and for new prospect contest contact me for available dates

I can be reached a jebnet (at) gmail (dot) com

Jun	04/08	BASS			(HL)
Jun	18/19	MARKS*			(HL)
Jul	02/03	4th of July		(4th actual holiday)
Jul	09/10	CRRC-HL		        (HL)- Pending
Jul	10/11	AMA			(Nos & RES)
Jul	12/13	AMA			(2M TD)
Jul	14/15	AMA			(Unli. TD)
Jul	16/17	AMA			(F3J & F3K)
Aug	06/07	LISF-HL		        (HL)
Aug	27/28	CASA-HL		        (HL)
Sep	03/04	Labor Day W		(5th actual holiday)	
Oct	01/02	SKSS			(HL) – Firm
Oct	07/09   DESS/EOS		(HL) - three day event with 2 days of ESL

Any updates will be posted here, until they are move to the official calendar permanently

*Mid Atlantic Radio Kontrol Society - Salisbury, Maryland

Thank you

Jose E. Bruzual
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