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 July 2013 Daniel Boone Unlimited Soaring Contes
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Steve Lucke

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Posted - 07/16/2013 :  10:30:44 AM  Show Profile

Even though we had an abundance of rain on Friday we managed to get the field setup for Saturday��s contest. I have to thank Tony Guide for his great help with the set up and also for his rebuild on the winches. The winches worked flawlessly for the entire weekend. I have to thank Paul Sullivan for his help as well with setting up.

Before the monsoon settled in on Friday a few of us managed to get some practice flights in. The air was pretty good and there was very little wind if I recall correctly. Tony G seems very pleased with his Aspire and Paul with his Maxa. I think Pete S. was happy with his 4m Explorer.

Once Dave Beach showed up it really started to rain so Dave and Pete went out to see the Lone Ranger. They liked it. Johnny Depp was his usual weird self and was the best part of the movie from what Pete said.

A few of the rest of us hung around hoping for a break in the rain but we finally gave up and headed out around 4.

For Saturday��s contest we had light easterly breezes with humid conditions. Judging by the rain we had Friday night I was not expecting to get the contest in on Saturday. But we had cloudy skies but no rain. Turned out to be very decent conditions. Not as hot as expected either, which was really nice.

The winches were set up to the east, which is a bit unusual for DB. The winch lines were a good 600 feet to the turnarounds. The major mechanical issue we had were with the turnarounds. The ground was so soft the turnarounds were coming out of the ground after every launch. Pete S. very wisely suggested putting winch line on the back of the turnarounds to some tent spikes he had and that solved the problem. Two of the turnarounds actually required 2 sets of lines and 4 spikes to keep them in the ground. But that solved the problem. I set the winches up with about 7 steps between each winch and that gives me the proper spacing for launching and then the turnarounds are set 7 steps apart as well. I like that spacing for the hooking the lines on the back of the golf cart.

We used the Don Richmond board for the line retrieval. Worked like a charm! In addition Joann Bustamante had rounded up the golf cart and we got a good one. That baby was fast! I should written down the serial number so we could get it again. The sad thing is I left the Don Richmond board on the back of the golf cart! Fortunately we have the Pete S board for a backup.

The only electrical issue we had was the ground was so saturated from the rain the winch pedals were sinking down after being tapped and were shorting out from the ground water. One winch switched itself on and sucked all the line back onto the spool and ate a charger in the process. I dried out the pedals and switched to the big thick ones we had and we were ok after that.

We did 10 minute rounds with the Josh Glabb approved landing task based on the 100 inch standard ESL landing tapes. One pop off for Experts in the first round only and 2 for the day for the Sportman. We had only one line break on Saturday so a great job to all for getting very good launches and saving the winches and the lines! That��s a big help for everyone. We 26 fliers altogether and that generally allows us to keep 2 groups in the air most of the time. The first two rounds were random MOM and then we switched to seeded MOM for the next 6. We had 3 Sportman and 23 Experts. We got 8 rounds in and that made Mike Lachowski late for a picnic. ��

Supras and Explorers with Aspires and a Pike Perfect were the primary models being flown. Kerry C and Pete S had 4m Explorers and Dimitri K. had a 4m V-tail version. I think Chuck R was flying his 3.8 version along with Leszek Z with his 3.8 and John Bitzer and Tony G had Aspires. Dave Bradley Sr had a Pike Perfect. The rest of the great unwashed were flying Supras.

The air was good, a bit better than I expected and a lot of folks were getting their times.

In Sportsman Luke Glaab flying Supra #125 was third, Bob Turner flying his Supra was second and Josh Glaab Jr was third with his Supra.

In Expert it was a dog fight all day. Finishing in 4th place, just outside the money, was Leszek Zyga with his Explorer and a raw score of 5385. In third place was a name we have not seen in while, Joe Melchiorre, flying a Supra and getting a raw score of 5417. In second with a raw score of 5460 was Josh Glaab flying a Supra and in first was Mike Lachoski flying his V-tailed 3.5m Explorer. Mike finished 34 points ahead of Josh.

Luis B made up some very nice plaques for the winners and used a picture of Pete S��s Explorer for the background. Really looked sharp.

As I expected, after the weather cleared at the end of Saturday��s flying, we got a forecast for westerly winds for Sunday. I want to thank Alex Hall, Luis and Joann as well as Paul S for their help in flipping the field and we got that done quick. Meanwhile Lincoln R did an excellent job on a field repair to his car. He had to put in a new tie rod in on the left rear side of the car. Actually very interesting lesson in fixing a rear suspension part.

Ok Josh I did lie to you, the winch lines for Sunday were not 675 feet. Maybe a tad shorter. ��

I had to set up in some 12 inch deep grass to take the ridges out of play for the ground lines but we got the winches pointed west with the landing tapes in the short grass. I was very pleased with the lines as we had only a few breaks on Sunday. Same rules on Sunday as on Saturday. I managed to lose my plane on the first flight due to my ancient Stylus finally deciding to glitch up on me from all the humidity, which was more than Saturday��s. Never found the plane and I want to thank Tony G and Dave Beach for helping me to try to find it.

I made a deal with Neal H, we traded Supras, mine for his stuck in the tree at Mrs. Custer��s property. At least I know ��

From what I could see the air on Sunday was pretty good and Tony and Dave a great job running things while I was lost in the great woods of the homestead.

We had 26 for Sunday! 3 in Sportsman and 23 in Expert. I was glad to see those numbers stay the same.

We 2 rounds of random on Sunday and 4 rounds of seeded MOM. In Sportsman we had Bob Turner in third with Josh Jr in second and in first Luke Glaab!!

In expert it was another dogfight. In 5th place was Dave Beach flying his Supra with a raw score of 3753, 4th with 3821 was Neal Huffman flying his Supra and for the money in third place was Leszek Zyga with 3869. In the last round Leszek had a line break and I made him fly it out. Leszek put on a nice show to save the flight and get his time. In 2nd place was Josh Glaab with 4072 points. And stealing the contest in the last round by nailing a 10 minute flight and a 99 point landing was John Jenks!!! Thanks to that landing John edged out Josh by 10 points by raw score.

The standings for the overall had Leszek in third with John Jenks in second and Josh Sr in first.

It was a great contest weekend and I��m looking forward to the ESL Mid-Season back at Daniel Boone in August and I hope to see everybody there.

I have to mention what a great job Joann B did in the scorer��s tent for us. It is amazing how much work Joann does for us, we would be lost without her. I also have to mention Teresa Zyga for her contribution in the scorer��s tent. Teresa has become a regular helper and we certainly appreciate her help.

Finally a great big thanks to Luis B, he not only takes care of the scores and helps out at the scorer��s tent but also helps with running the winch lines.

Great contest guys, see you at BRASS!



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Posted - 07/16/2013 :  10:48:24 AM  Show Profile
Great contest at DBSF this weekend. Conditions were challenging enough to require the guys to show their best stuff. Great flying by most of the pilots.

The highlight of the weekend for me was watching John Jenks nail a 99 point landing in the last round to grab the win. Seeded MoM at its very best!

Here are the scoring details for the contest. Congrats to all the winners and another memorable contest for the rest of us.

See you all in Waynesboro in two weeks.


Download File: DBSF Saturday Standings

Download File: DBSF Saturday Report Cards

Download File: DBSF Saturday Scoring Details

Download File: DBSF Sunday Standings

Download File: DBSF Sunday Report Cards

Download File: DBSF Sunday Scoring Details

Download File: DBSF Weekend Standings
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Posted - 07/26/2013 :  09:17:52 AM  Show Profile
The DB contests are always great. The contests run smoothly, the crowd is talented and the competition stiff but friendly. I always enjoy them. Even after I put my plane in the woods on Sunday. Digging it out of the "swamp" left by the heavy rains Sunday drained me so much I decided to drop out. But I will be back. Absolutely!

Best regards,
Ed Anderson
Long Island Silent Flyers
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Posted - 09/13/2013 :  07:40:34 AM  Show Profile
he homestead.

We had 26 for Sunday! 3 in Sportsman and 23 in Expert. I was glad to see those numbers stay the same.

We 2 rounds of random on Sunda

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