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 40th Annual CRRC Soar-In
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Posted - 08/16/2013 :  8:35:17 PM  Show Profile
40th Annual CRRC Soar-In Saturday

The Charles River Radio Controllers celebrated their 40th year hosting the CRRC Soarin on August 10 and 11, 2013. What a long way we�ve come from the polyhedrals and Dodgson designs that were prevalent when I first started flying in the late 80�s. We now have sleek molded ships with high strength wings and purpose-designed airfoils� and, boy, would we need them with the windy conditions that blew in on Saturday!
Luckily, most of the moisture in the atmosphere was wrung out on Friday, when a brief 30 minute window was the only break available for us to pre-stage the tent and other support equipment. But it was all sun on Saturday as 24 pilots turned their attention to the next challenge, a 10-15 mph wind from the north-west that presented us with cross-wind/down-wind launches and the usual smattering of ships that didn�t make it back over the far tree line.
The CD called for 8 minute tasks in the first two rounds of random ordered man-on-man. In the early morning conditions, 8 minute flights were achieved by most flight groups. The remaining 5 rounds were bumped up to 10 minute tasks and the flight groups were seeded. As the day wore on and the wind speed increased, the thermal cycles became more of a factor in the results, as many flight groups had only one or two pilots max, while other flight groups were won by flight times as low as 4 minutes!
At the end of the day, Bob Rondeau had won the Sportsman class with Jim Otis very close behind in 2nd place. Mark Higgins managed to capture 3rd place. In Expert class, Dave Beach blew everyone away, achieving a max (or near max) in every one of his flights. Dave Walter�s 2nd place and Steve Lucke�s 3rd place scores were just 86% of Dave Beach�s winning total, which is pretty unusual in the ESL as the top Experts typically score within 10% of the top score.
In addition to notching his first win in the ESL, Dave Beach also now qualifies for LSF Level 5. Congratulations, Dave! It was a convincing win on a very challenging day.

CD Dave Walter
40th Annual CRRC Soar-In Sunday

After the very windy and difficult conditions on Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day with thermal winds pointing to the lift. We had 27 entries, 21 in Expert and 6 in Sportsman, making for 8 groups of flyers to start. Except for a few stragglers, the contest was all ready to start at 8:45, so a pilot�s meeting was called 15 minutes before the posted time.
The calm conditions meant we could make the field boundaries tighter, and put all of the rounds at 10 minutes duration with the thought that in flying man-on-man each person in a particular group an equal chance to make his time. The task was again 2 rounds of random order followed by seeded man-on-man with the C-Delta scoring for landings.
Except for the pilots in the first flight group, 10 minutes was achievable to everyone in the first round, and then the lift became very cyclic. Strong thermals would cross the field from the trees on the west of the launch area and be far downwind to the east within the less than 1 minute window it took to launch all four airplanes. Pilots in the right place at the right time reigned supreme over less lucky flyers when these gusts came up. Several groups had only one person making his time and others having a hard time to achieve 3 minutes, while at other times it was only a matter of getting higher landing points.
After two rounds of random seeding, the top pilots rose to the top of the order. However, the fickle lift caused a lot of place scrambling. Several planes were lost due to winds together with pilot misjudgment. The contest was called after the 6th round, which started at 1:40pm and the contest concluded at 2:15pm. Final placing had David Walter, the co-CD in first, followed closely by Steve Lucke, and Leszek Zyga. In looking at the raw scores, both Steve and Leszek had higher totals than Dave; 3988 and 3983, compared to 3960.
There were 6 Sportsmen entries, flown in two groups until attrition brought the groups to one. Robert Rondeau was in top form winning all of his rounds with his new Supra except Round 5, when he was edged by Dick Williamson flying his trusty Bird of Time. Final standing showed Bob in 1st, followed by David Spielman in 2nd, and Istvan Sleder in 3rd.
Many volunteers came to the Soar-in to help. Notable were Steve Billington and Richard Roy who worked both Saturday and Sunday to run the dolly system, designed and provided by John Nilsson who could not be there, to bring back winch-lines, Welcome Bender worked at the far end of the field all of Saturday to return lines. David Marshall and Ray Harlan worked both days at the scoring tent to record scores and set up the flight order. Ken Antonellis provided the lunches and drinks for both contest days.
We would also like to thank all of the ESL members who helped to make this a successful contest, including David Beach and Steve Lucke who brought and loaned us equipment, David Beach for his scoring program,

CD Fritz Bien


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Posted - 08/20/2013 :  12:06:52 AM  Show Profile

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Posted - 08/22/2013 :  8:33:01 PM  Show Profile
I wasn't able to attend the CRRC 40th contest and was punished in several ways for my lapse: I got bumped down two spots in the standings and I missed the opportunity to witness one of my favorite ESL friends become an LSF V member!

David Beach, Congratulations again and sorry I missed the opportunity to dump a bucket of cold water on you!

In any case, here are the scoring files for this momentous contest. See you all tomorrow at the Mid-Season!


Download File: CRRC Saturday Standings

Download File: CRRC Saturday Report Cards

Download File: CRRC Saturday Scoring Details

Download File: CRRC Sunday Standings

Download File: CRRC Sunday Report Cards

Download File: CRRC Sunday Scoring Details

Download File: CRRC Weekend Standings
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